Music Gift of Love

Doris who came to Hiroshima from Ghana found breast cancer on mass screening.
In Ghana it is considered that "cancer = death". She thought that no one wouldn't know about it and keep her anxiety for the surgery.
However, friends who know the situation plan a charity live to help and encourage her!

Cancer is a scary disease regardless of age, sex and nationality in a modern society in which medicine has developed.
When friends become cancer ...
When parents become cancer ...
If you become cancer ...
We must feel not to be able to stand.
That's why we want to laugh away the anxiety with music and dance!

Of course it's not that easy. But I hope.
We can feel the power of warm connection between the woman who came from Ghana, such bright sunny country and her friends.
I wanted to tell the power of laugh, bright sun to our neighbors who were unable to move and to myself, sometimes.



Fabric: Pile, Shearing
Size: 20 cm × 110 cm
Thickness: weighs 75 g / 1 piece
Color: red / yellow

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*It will be changed to the money and donated to the surgery for the cancer.