Web Design


Please feel free to contact me for any questions with e-mail.
Information about your idea such as the volume, number of pages and which site is preferable is efficient for us.


Regarding web design, let me hear your image via email, phone or meeting if you want.
Contents of hearing sheet is as following;

Information for Reference:
・What is the main purpose of making a website?
・What is the most important thing that you would like to tell people who visit your site?
・What do you look forward to the website most? (eg. Increase to be accessed, image
・What kind of pople are you expect to come?
・Tell me about the atmosphere of the website, such as reliable, familiar, feminine or luxurious...
・Signature Color
・Tell me about your favorite website if you have.

3.Confirmation about Server

We will confirm about the contract of the rental server and domain.
Usually, I ask you to prepare them, but it is possible to take over to process.

4.Quotation and Contract / Payment

I will send you the quotation and planning including site structure based on the advanced interview.
If it will be accepted, please place an order and I will send you the invoice.

5.Making the Draft

Submit the draft of design.

6.Coding and Testing

Appearance and features are fixed, I will develop the web pages (html coding and programming) then upload the prototype on the test server.
Customers can check on the test server in advanc and I will modify if needed.

7.Website Opened

Data will be uploaded to the designated web server successfully.
I can make an agreement of maintenance if the maintenance or update is required.